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The book is finished! What a pleasure it has been seeing this to printing stage. With so much support I gathered enough information necessitating division of the material into a series and this is the first in that series.

Recording European settlement in West Otago between 1850 and 1875 focuses on arrival in Otago, New Zealand, the hardships and challenges in a new land mainly untouched by man. Establishing runs, home and family drew out shear determination to achieve the best flocks, improved pastures and want for more land.

Working with Graeme Leather, the production designer of Island Bridge has been a joy. His guidance and advise has made this stress-free and enjoyable. The sketches by Peter Gregory are more than I wished for and I highly recommend him too.

Pre-orders are welcome as this is a limited print. Copies are already selling, however distribution will be November 2011 after the book launch at Tapanui.


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